Dancing Cuckoos

Oasis #2

Michigan, USA

Calling all Laurel & Hardy Lovers . . . .

When most film personalities pass from the scene, their fan clubs have a way of breaking up and disappearing
from view. Just the opposite has happened with Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Their departure to whatever
Heaven is reserved for those who practice the healing art of laughter has signalled the beginning of a new devotion.
It has come in the form of an international organization - The Sons of The Desert

Founded in 1965 in New York City. Its purpose was "the loving study of
the persons and films of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy." It was called
'The Sons ofthe Desert' after the fraternal lodge to which 'the boys'
belonged in the film of the same name. The constitution, a piece of inspired lunacy was approved by Stan Laurel who also added an Article
describing the type of decorum to be observed - a certain" half-assed
dignity" to use his own words.

The Dancing Cuckoos is the Detroit-area chapter, or "Tent" as the local chapters are called and is the
first Tent formed outside of New York. The Dancing Cuckoos Tent was founded December 7, 1965.
Our meetings consist of dinner, a moment of chaos that passes for a business meeting and the showing
of Laurel & Hardy films.

For more information and/or to confirm meeting date, please contact:
The L&H Appreciation Society, Dancing Cuckoos Tent
P.O. Box 511331. Livonia, Michigan 48151, USA
e-mail - thedancingcuckoos@yahoo.com

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